Monday, December 15, 2014

highs and lows

up at 4am gmt to see the results of the niners and warriors games. as the niners' post-season hopes end by their bitter rivals, the seahawks, talk will be spreading over coach harbaugh. i still can't but see the parallels to fnl's coach taylor. after a disappointing season, scrutiny arises and he is off to work his magic at east dillion. will this be habaugh's demise upon the conclusion of this season? then i think how spoiled we've been for the past three years prior to this lackluster season. in 2010 we would have admired this record at .500 but us fans got greedy. we have been in the playoffs for the past 3 years and that included our first loss at a super bowl. 

(Layne Murdoch Jr./NBAE/Getty Images)
to make myself feel better i marvel at the warriors continuing streak. how long can it go? it seems like these boys never say die and their rookie coach kerr are keeping grounded deflecting talk about matching the 96' bulls' 72 game winning season.

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