Saturday, December 6, 2014


weirdly in the past year, i've found two ids in my neighborhood. both times i have been able to contact the owners with a simple search on google and return the ids to them. it is funny how just a few decades ago you might have just mailed it back. the thing with ids in new york is that almost always it's out of state. florida and new jersey in my cases. so it's best to return in person since they most likely live in the nabe. florida simply thanked me and went on her merry way, but tonight jersey gave me the above which was way too sweet. i did find her id with her bank card and a good amount of cash soaked from the rain. i thought it was too much but she said:

"noooooo you deserve it. I didn't know how to thank you. have a good night tooo!! thank you!!"

i think about florida and her simple thanks compared to tonight. sometimes i think a gesture to get coffee would have been nice. if you can believe, i once found some keys and returned them as well. that time there was a flash drive attached so contacting was easy and he offered to meet at a bar with promise of a drink. no drink but a relieved thank you. all in all i believe karma works. if i ever lose my id, i trust my stored up karma will serve me well. heck just call me amelie.

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