Sunday, December 28, 2014

thanks for the memories harbaugh

i suppose it was inevitable that coach would head back to univ of michigan. he returns to the team he QB'ed for. there's been speculation all season about coach's departure. i am sad that it has come to this. a similar feeling to when mark jackson was fired as the warriors coach. apparently, coach didn't get along with the front office. who could blame him for going back to his alma mater. i still won't stop comparing coach to fictional coach taylor from friday night lights. maybe coach harbaugh's wife sweet gig in michigan. ;) 

seriously, coach brought us to two nfc championship games and a trip to the super bowl. we ended this year at 500 and folks are ready to tar and feather him.  where is the loyalty my faithful fans? all i know is that coach's shoes will be VERY hard to fill. so i'll leave it to coach for his final words:

"For the last four seasons I have had the great privilege to coach one of the storied franchises in the history of football," Harbaugh said in the statement. "We accomplished many great things together as a team during this period, which is a tribute to the incredible efforts of some of the most dedicated players and coaches in the NFL. I will miss competing alongside this group of players and coaches, I have the utmost respect and admiration for their hard work and support. It has been my honor to share the sideline with these mighty men. I will always appreciate and remember fondly, the passion and support of our Faithful fans, and want to express my particular thanks to them."

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