Tuesday, June 16, 2015

dreams come true trip

i can't believe how long i'v dreamed of visiting prince edward island, where the anne of green gables series is based. i grew up watching the films on pbs and only recently picked-up the books. it was rough getting there. i missed my connecting flight to charlottetown, but befriend a kindred spirit in shelby in route. we made the rest of the trek by car via moncton. i've seriously been to more places in canada this trip than in my entire life.  this includes unexpected overnights in montreal and toronto. it was all worth it to fulfill a childhood dream.

"kindred spirits are not so scarce as i use to think. it's splendid to find out that there are so many of them in the world." - anne shirley

shelby & i missed our ✈️to charlottetown, so we re-routed together via moncton and drove the rest of the way.

dalvay by the sea (aka the white sands hotel)
also where kate and william stayed for their honeymoon
covehead harbour, sandhope and brackley beaches

victoria by the sea

last meal in pei has to be lobstah


Julie Oya said...

I love this! And how perfect that your friend has red hair. Did you drink some cordial when you arrived?

sharock said...

ummm duh squared i had me some cordial.

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