Sunday, September 4, 2016

bucket lists

i wanna say i've had a running bucket list of things i wanted to do since i've been in new york. i've been here for a while. i am nearing my 9 year anniversary. shocking, i know! i started my list by my second year mostly because a friend was moving back to california and had an x amount of days to tackle them. i thought i should start mine sooner than later so i wouldn't get stuck with a lot of running around in my final days. flash forward almost 9 years and i finally hit up, birdland, which had been on my list from the start.    

the rest of list is a group of destinations outside of nyc proper:

freshkill (i've technically biked near it, but not in it)
long beach
adirondacks, one day i'll bus up there
cape may
delaware water gap, i haven't been tubing i need to rectify that
lake george, was inspired by a georgia o'keffe exhibit i saw
walkway over the hudson

last three were mta getaway suggestions.  when you don't have a car you get creative. 

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