Wednesday, October 12, 2016

believen end

so the even year streak ends. the demons of blown saves in our second half come to haunt us just in time for halloween. it was a great wild card game and game 3 wasn't bad either. some fans are asking why they didn't leave matt moore in, but somehow i have a feeling these feisty cubs would have broken through. congrats to them and to my giants thanks for an unbelieve(n)able season. 

Never stopped believen

oh and for kicks the post that i forgot from the day before when there was so much hope.
honestly i knocked out when the cubs tied it at the top of the 9th. it was about 1am est. sleeping the torture away to wake up at 4am to see that baby buster (aka joe panik) hit a walk off to secure tonight's game 4. at least the game starts an hour earlier. let's go giants!

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