Friday, November 25, 2016

a return to stars hollow

okay the wait was finally over. granted i didn't stay up at 3 am to watch it hit netflix, it was the first thing i did when i woke up. unlike other revivals i knew this would not disappoint as amy sherman-palladino and dan palladino were on board to bring us the final chapter of the gilmore girls.

these are my initial thoughts upon completing each seasonal episode. warning spoilers abound.

omar little reference for rory's burners

roy choi in sookie's kitchen?!?!?

grant lee-phillips still sounds great as the town troubadour. who knew he had a sister?

kirk's ooober service is so on point. 

not surprised rory's fallen back into logan, but paul seems like someone rory would never date. also wish if logan was back tristan could be too.

lots of time spent on paris which was surprising

rachel ray somehow weaseled her way into stars hollow. why? i wish bourdain would have nice but know he would never step foot into sookie's kitchen

the therapy sessions were meh

mae whitman (other tv daughter of lauren graham) getting dibs on fancy dough nut.

wookie one night stand is karma for taking up mitchum huntzberger's offer to call conde nast. 

wow it's just getting grim

the star's hollow musical with the lovely sutton foster was a slight reprieve

khalesi rory

ugh 22 year old april

wanted more jess

shhhhh, stars hollow's secret bar where lane and zach play jazz

yes, more jess...and that last look

parenthood redux with park rangers in both jason ritter and peter krause

lorelai's story about her dad at 13 was achingly perfect

wedding scene scored to sam phillip's "reflecting light" was pitch perfect harking back to luke and lorelai's dance during his sister's wedding

still wrestling with the abrupt ending

overall liked the amy directed eps (winter and fall) more than dan's (spring and summer)

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