Friday, May 25, 2018


my week in nicaragua was amidst ongoing protests against their president and first lady, but despite that i found the people extremely warm and welcoming. road blocks were a common thread throughout the trip with a will we or won't we make our ferry, shuttle or flight. needless to say we did on all accounts, thanks to private drivers. an expense i'm not used to spending on even in my home country. safety first was what all the locals reminded us about. many were unsure about the state of the road blocks, but it was clear to set off early to bypass the blockades. i would recommend travelling this remarkable country, and hope the political situation settles so all can enjoy,and not just folks that don't mind navigating protesters.

also, i realized my iphone lens is totes covered in dust, so all pics have a natural filter.

beautiful old train station now used
as a trade school

with wilfred (aka will smith) our sweet guide
we came for lava and finally got it at volcano masaya


volcano boarding down cerro negro

top of the cathedral

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