Sunday, April 7, 2024

congrats south carolina gamecocks + caitlin clark


it felt inevitable that south carolina's undefeated season would extend to a championship, but there is a glimmer of doubt we playing caitlin clark, who has lifted women's basketball to a popularity on par with the nba. clark drew in nba championship ratings in the semis, and sc coach dawn staley rightfully thanked the goat. i've followed women's college basketball in the past especially the stanford cardinal and more recently the gamecocks due to staley fine mentorship. i used really get deep into march madness but since found it stale and unexciting. so while the press still heavily favors the men's side the women's is definitely where it's at.  also, very psyched my hometown has it's own wnba team at last. 

Monday, February 19, 2024

steph vs sabrina


honestly the past decade has really come down to the three-point contest at nba all star week to provide the excitement. i can't even watch the slam dunk contest anymore. when the playful challenge sabrina ionescu threw out to steph curry after setting the all-time 3-points made record in a contest at 37 point out of 40 last summer became a thing, it was all anyone was talking about leading up to all star week. dame took the actual 3-pt contest with a total of 26 points. steph vs sabrina was saturday night's marquee event with arguably the greatest shooter vs the ny liberty's sharp shooter. sabrina's been a fan of steph and even got a high five from him as a ten-year old at roaracle. steph followed her career from her days as an oregon duck to her current spot on the ny liberty. jokingly steph and podz had a sideline pop quiz on all time scorer in a 3-pt contest.

leading up to the contest there was a lot a talk about how sabrina would shoot at a wnba 3-pt line and use a wnba ball. she nixed the wnba line and shot from the nba 3-pt line and scored 26, tying dame's winning score. steph prevailed in the clutch hitting his final money balls scoring 29 pts. it was lovely to see many nba stars rooting for sabrina, including steph's teammate klay thompson. the contest harkened back to the 1973 battle of the sexes with billie jean king defeating bobby riggs. steph is no riggs, and a kind competitor. it's interesting to hear a lot of fodder about how sabrina shot with a smaller ball and then there was kenny smith controversial thought sabrina should have shot from the wnba line. so much talk and already thoughts of if this unique competition will return. steph and sabrina are decidedly in, as next year's all star game will be in san francisco. the bay is home to both ballers. here's hoping for a team format with klay joining steph and caitlin clark joining sabrina. 
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