Tuesday, March 25, 2008

save polaroid

reason to revolt: the end of polaroid film. my pal andy clued me in this sad, sad news last month. this is a polaroid portrait of my dear friend. quite fitting for the occasion, no?

i blame the digital revolution for the demise of my pal polaroid. apparently, the ol' school cameras just can't keep up with those fancy screens and the new instant pixelly photography of it all. i don't have a digital camera. i've always loved the tangible quality of photos. the excitement of going to a photo shop to pick up newly developed pictures. polaroids were even more fun because they were instant. shake it...ahhhhhhh...shake it like a polaroid picture. alas, they will be discontinuing the film by the end of year, but do not give up hope here is a site dedicated to saving polaroid. this kinda reminds me of when i was 7 and thought i could not enjoy the fun of instant picture tangibility. my dad had this kodak instant camera, but they lost the patent war. we still have the kodak instant camera, but no film. dad got a polaroid camera and i was appeased. over 20 years later, i must deal with that same feeling of loss. i think i'll go buy some polaroid film now.

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