Wednesday, March 26, 2008

going green in new york is hard

must battle to be won: being green in new york. i know new yorkers hate when sf kids talk about how we got our priorities straight but recycling and the like are difficult here. when i first got here i really wanted to recycle my bottles and cans, but you need to get these clear trash bags. i finally got those. what happened to bins? bins are good and they are all sorted and lovely.

then, there are plastic bags. they are a pet peeve of mine. they just multiply and multiply. i have my own hemp grocery tote that i got from my old work, so say no to bags on my trips to fairway and tj's. i also say no to plastic bags or any bag in general, but then i get the look. you know like that the what eff look. i try to smooth the bag rejection by saying i'm saving the earth, but i get the smirk. a girl can't win can she.

1 comment:

grace said...

i know what you mean~ when i bust out my 'my melody' bag for groceries and the like, i get that same look. oh well~ go earth!
p.s. new blogging space, eh? ^_~

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