Friday, March 28, 2008

boudoir = sexy sexy

must sexy exhibit: boudoir - a hint of sensuality at lumas gallery.

jac, gloria and i had lunch at lumas to view the sexy sexy prints. there were quite a few intriguing pieces, notably michel comte's nude of model/french chauntese carli bruni, watery underwater studies of howard schatz, and the blurred photographs by jens nagels. the later were very reminiscent of in the mood for love in that its images evoked the smoky and slow pace nature of the drunkenness that comes with unrequited love. the exhibit just opened last night and goes until june 10, so check it out.

best video to get you into the sexy sexy mood:
black kids' "i'm going to teach your boyfriend how to dance with you"

isn't it fun? i hope to see them soon in may. they are playing studio b and bowery. it shall be the dance party of the spring. i'm afraid the hipsters are going to backlash against them soon, so i hope to see them before the crazy hating engulfs the blog sphere.

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