Saturday, March 29, 2008

is the killer art market killing art?

forum for the artsy fartsy: adaa's collector's forum - "is the killer art market killing art?" how better to start your saturday morning than a discussion of art commodification. yeah, when i got into moma's titus one auditorium, i thought this was going to be way over my art 101 head but it was eye opening and refreshing to hear the thoughts and opinions of gallerists, curators and critics. lots of good points were brought up by a stellar panel including: Paul Schimmel, Chief Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Gavin Brown,Gallerist, Gavin Brown's enterprise; Connie Butler, Chief Curator of Drawings, Museum of Modern Art, New York; Roberta Smith, Art Critic, The New York Times; Amanda Sharp, Co-Director, Frieze Art Fair; and Gordon VeneKlasen, Gallerist, Michael Werner.

points i took away in no particular order:
- collect art that's cheap and no one likes (roberta)
- lots of artists making art that shouldn't be made (roberta - this raised an ovation)
- is the quality of experience affected by popularity? (ie. the change in viewing art. art hung higher because of the crowds around a piece)
- popular exhibits draw in first time visitors, but do they come back and view the permanent collection again, letting it become the fabric of their lives. (connie)

must exhibit to add c
olor to your day: color chart at moma. after being disappointed by the design and the elastic mind exhibit, the color chart exhibit was exactly what i need to brighten my spirits. it's playful and simple. i especially loved the huge color swatches and of course the dan flavin piece to the right.

only in new york moment: saw some girl in union square with a "free hugs" sign while leaving tj's and i had to get me one. plus like 50 people passed her without a single hug. that's just sad. i hope my hug started a string of hugs for her. p.s. mel she was wearing your orange coat.

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