Monday, March 31, 2008

weekend madness

predictable final four: all four #1's made it to the semis of the big dance. even though i have kansas taking it all, i would have liked to see the cinderella, davidson go further. oh well, go jayhawks!
star sighting of the weekend: dame helen mirren and hubby director taylor hackford. i literally had a freak out. she is the first dame i've seen up close afterall. i had to check myself in the midst of my sighting. i was with a group of pals and i tried to get their attention to get a glimpse of her. she and hubby were crossing astor place on st. mark's holding hands. stopped to check out chickpea on 3rd avenue. my bff had the great idea to keep a tally of celebs i've seen since i've moved, so here goes in chronological order as good as memory serves:
1.) lucy liu
(there was april from ANTM, but i'm not counting her since she is a reality celeb)
2.) claire danes
3.) jon stewart
4.) michael cera
5.) peter dinklage
6.) paul rudd
7.) brooke sheilds
8.) helen mirren


Jason said...

U-C-L-A!!!!!men's tourney

S-T-A-N-F-O-R-D!!!!women's tourney

Pac-10 pride! boo jayhawks!

Leigh-Anne said...

your BFF is so smart. :-)

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