Monday, April 7, 2008

congrats jayhawks!!!

most worthy of a ncaa championship: kansas jayhawks! what a game! mario chalmers' game tying 3 that pushed it to ot is going to be on the march madness highlight reels for years to come. they had my heart a racing 2 minutes left and 9 points down, but certainly delivered in ot. what can i say shar loves the teams that defend and play with the no i in team mentality. maybe that's why i picked florida last year too. kirk hinrich and nick collison broke my heart back in 2003, but brandon rush and mario chlamers won it back for me. hurrah!

best sport: roy williams. coach williams of the north carolina tar heels sporting a jayhawk on his sweater at the championship game. after losing saturday with the tar heels to his ex-team the jayhawks, jolly roy gives nothing but props to his old team still lauding them as the team without flaws. bravo coach williams!

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