Monday, April 7, 2008

st. pete's, florida

excursion of the day: carillon bay wetlands. being stuck in hotel ballrooms is daunting. i've learned that, so when i found out that there was a decked walk way in the back of the hotel that runs around the wetlands i went searching for some gators and snakes. no gators or snakes to be found but i did see out reptilian friends, like mr. turtle and a bunch of mini lizards. also, there are ahhhmazing birds here. egrets or was it a great blue heron literally 2 feet away from me. i'm obviously not a skilled bird watcher.

best getting lost moment: after dinner with my boys from queens, kurt and danny, we headed the wrong direction back to the hotel. we are going to clearwater?!?!?! whaaa?!?!?! gps sucks! after a 30 minute detour, we found our way. this little side trip totally makes me wanna hang out in queens. any hood that brings up kurt and danny is good by me.

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