Sunday, April 6, 2008

masterpiece theatre: sense & sensibility

most acceptable remake: masterpiece theatre's sense and sensibility. i never thought another version of sense & sensibility needed to be produced after ang lee's exceptional take on the austen classic, but the latest version penned by the ab fab andrew davies (pride and prejudice, take girl like you, vanity fair, wives and daughters, and the new adaptation of a room with a view) is well worth viewing. the casting is much better for the elinor and edward roles, but i still only see kate winslet as marianne and greg wise as willoughby. this new version goes deeper into the book and fleshes out the marianne and willoughby storyline. of the complete austen series, sense and sensibility was the most welcome, second to miss austen regrets.

anticipated remake: a room with a view. dang, masterpiece theatre is really churning out goodness this season. i cannot wait for mr. davies's take on a room with a view. let's see if the new cast can top the merchant-ivory staples: helena bohnam carter, julian sands, maggie smith, daniel day lewis and rupert graves. can not wait! bring it!


Jacquelyn said...

glad you got to watch it shar! mel and i were trying to hold back and wait for you, but once we finished watching part 1 (new for mel) we HAD to see the ending. :)

Jacquelyn said...

oh, and no english-themed food this time, altho it would've agreed with your new veggie-sensibilities: falafel w/tabouleh, red pepper dip, and mixed greens!

i agree, room with a view? BRING IT ON!

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