Sunday, April 6, 2008

oh jens lekman

most worthy of boxing up and selling: jens lekman. oh, sweet swedish crooner. he is adorable and i'm so glad that mel convinced me to go. he came out with one simple request for the audience not to record the saturday concert at webster hall. he proclaimed, "tonight feels like it will be a special night." jens, indeed, it was was - the last night of his tour. not one, but two encores. it's hard for me to describe his performances, so here is a bunch of npr links that display his preciousness:

3/13: SXSW 2008

4/6: TOTN
if you haven't fallen i love with him yet, you have no soul.

song that could be for shar: "shirin" by jens lekman. i know jens says it's about his hairdresser, but the way he woes shirin kinda sounds like sharlene under a heavy accent, no?

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