Friday, April 11, 2008

tribeca film festival meet your new volunteer

cinefile's geek out volunteer gig: clearance to volunteer at the 2008 tribeca film festival. tickets go on sale saturday for the big show, but shar will not be purchasing. oh no, she will be volunteering. that's right - up close and personal. i'll get one of those fancy badges and two t-shirts. jealous? i know you are. plus, i get vouchers to see films for every shift i work and a oh so cool invite to the volunteer wrap party. check the official acceptance email.

Dear Volunteer,

The time has come for us to give you your departmental assignment. As I have mentioned before, your assignment is based on a number of factors - your experience, skills and most importantly your availability. Whatever department you have been assigned to, I can assure you that your work will be valued and that you will have a tremendous experience.

You have been assigned to: Dalzell

Please note: Due to changes in departmental scheduling, for a small number of you this email serves as a department re-assignment. The department listed above - and not the original department you were assigned to - will contact you.

Due to the size of the volunteer listing, we cannot change your assignments. If you were hoping to be assigned to a different department, I strongly encourage you to give your current department a chance. You'll be surprised at how fun each can be.

In the coming days or weeks you will hear from that department's volunteer coordinator, if you have not already. You will be told by that volunteer coordinator when and where your departmental orientation meeting will be held. Your departmental volunteer coordinator will also work out a schedule with you. For the rest of your experience working with us, they will be your contact and team leader.

Attached to this email is a general orientation document detailing the basic rules and regulations for volunteering for the Festival. Read it carefully. If you have any questions, they will be addressed in your orientation meeting by your team leader.
(If for some reason this attachment does not open, please send us an email to with your mailing address and we will send you a hard copy.)

Please note that you must come to Volunteer Registration at least two hour before your first shift to register, and to sign a confidentiality agreement and an emergency contact document. At that time you will be given your Volunteer Badge. You must bring photo ID. If you under the age of 18 we will not be able to register you. You will be notified next April 16th of the location of Volunteer Registration.

Again, as I have said to you many times, thank you for joining the Volunteer Team. We rely on your work to make the Festival a success and we all look forward to working with you.

All the best,
Danielle Reisigl
Volunteer Manager
Tribeca Film Festival

Rachel Katz
Volunteer Coordinator
Tribeca Film Festival

p.s. We are still accepting applications for this year's festival. Tell your friends!

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