Friday, April 11, 2008

friday lunch time gallery crawl (FLTGC)

belated explanation of the birth of FLTGC: so for the past few weeks jac and i, plus gloria on one occasion, have frequented the assorted galleries of soho/tribeca. we thought since we are walking distance from a bunch of galleries that we should make it a weekly effort to get out and see them on our lunch break. you know beat the crowds and stuff. get back to the personal relationship of art rather than feeling like cattle being pushed into one maze after another.

featured FLTGC exhibit: ryan mcginley's i know where the summer goes at team gallery. get ready for some skin when you check out this show. see!!!
young, pretty models and 3 photo assistants. made me almost wanna shed some clothing. only i'm not a model, so no.

exhibit highlight: ryan mcginley was at the gallery chatting up some suits i think with the prospect for showing at another gallery or museum. he was tall and skinny. they were chatting about his installation process and as lady in tweed blazer said, "making him feel comfortable." it was a general ass kissing meeting.

extra gallery for good measure: so we had time to spare today, so jac and i crossed the street to the deitch gallery. we checked out after the reality 2. it was color to the max. makes me wanna go see the murakami exhibit at brooklyn museum.

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