Saturday, April 12, 2008

art overload

best starting point for the saturday gallery crawl: exit gallery for brainwaves: common senses. science and art are fun. it makes you think about art and how it is conceived in a geeky way. the exhibit includes robots. that's awesome!

disappointing cuteness factor: whiting tennis at derek eller gallery. tennis for some reason was described as someone shar would like. i didn't like him so much, but admired the use of cardboard as a medium. his other stuff looked like that to the left.

best construction: stephen talasnik's anatomy of architecture: drawings and sculpture. talasnik reminds me of frank gehry in that crazy construction kinda way. i think i enjoyed the sculpture more than the drawings.

bonus exhibits:
1. markus baenziger at edward thorp gallery. we were at the jersey girls show
at the DFN, but i noticed the postcard for the sculpture of markus baenziger. it had the image to the right, and this swiss sculptor had me. his organic works reminded me of dale chihuly. what chihuly does with glass, baenziger does with metal.

2. dennis wojtkiewicz at j. cacciola gallery. mmmmmm, slices of giant fruit all photorealistical. this exhibit made me crave summer and having watermelon. wojkiewicz does something crazy with lighting. illuminating fruit lighting the way to picnics in central or prospect park.
3. mcdermott & mcgough's because of him at cheim read gallery. another exhibit we stumbled on that was treat. this tag team paints old timey 20th century paintings of screen sirens plus the old school tv's as frames.
most popular: gregory crewdson at luhring augustine. whoa, this place was packed for crewdson's large pieces. there was also a huge line for autographs of his companion book.

highest profile: basquiat and warhol at van de wehge. lots of pieces of these new york icons.

best example of deadly cuteness: marcel dzama's even the ghost of the past at david zwirner. marcel's dioramas are pieces of demented fantasy. his drawings look like lovely wallpaper that on closer viewing are kooky.
reward for a long gallery crawl: grom gelato. after a lovely dinner, angela and i head to the newly opened grom for a free cup. how was it? check out my review on yelp. enjoyed the creamy goodness al fresco. can spring be here to stay?

happy birthday shoutouts: claire danes and david letterman!

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kristin farr said...

dude! how come i didn't know you were an art nerd like me? i love that diorama!
guess who's coming to NY at the end of May?
stay tuned for dates, i hope you'll be around. xo

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