Monday, April 14, 2008

a room with a view

welcomed new ending: a room with a view - screenplay by andrew davies. andrew davies is the man. i love him to pieces. he seems to translate classic literature onto screen in a beautifully romantic way. last night upon watching the closing of the film, jac and i were like what the?!?!?! not to spoil it for those who have it on DVR (you know who you are), but there is a different ending than the classic merchant ivory version based on e.m forester's post-scripts. here is the man talking about it. i do like a good ol' happy ending, but somehow a bittersweet one is even better.


Jacquelyn said...

*spoiler alert*
boooooo!! i've decided i thoroughly dislike the new ending. it's all made up! and why end the movie showing her with another guy? (even if it IS platonic)

Jacquelyn said...

we have to plan a follow-up movie night with the original merchant ivory version SOON

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