Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mariahified American Idol

must guest mentor: mariah carey. yup, ms. e=mc2 (can't figure out how to subscript) was the guest mentor on idol special vignettes like . she was fly as ever and super supportive, but if you've seen her old school tv specials like shar has she is nothing but a gal's bff. i heart mariah no matter what flack i get. she ruled even when she had that crazy spell. you know she raised from that like a butterfly.
snap judgements from last nights performances: oh man, what a feat for the contestants last night. s
inging a mariah song is NOT easy. some soared and others failed.

david a. - i heart archie! he brought his own take to the whitney/mariah duet "when you believe". he was the prince of egypt for the night. how cute was he when he met mimi.

carly - *yawn* okay, if you are going to go for "without you," you better bring your A game. sadly, carly did not. plus, if you idol fans will remember kelly sang the same song in the first season and did it some justice. we all know no one can cover a song like mariah.

syesha - i liked her bluesy take on the less known "vanishing." enjoyed it so much i singing along cooking dinner.

brooke - too slow with a weird cadence to her singing of "hero". plus, it was a boring choice. how many times have we heard kids cover "hero".

kristy lee - impressed me a little by picking "forever" a great doo wop ballad from daydream. however, her rendition was dragged out, forgettable and lasted foreeeeeeeverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

david c. - what the heck? why the judges were loving this was beyond me? taking one of my favs "always be my baby" and flipping it into a rock ballad is NOT cool.

jason - hmmm, his island take on "i don't wanna cry" was okay. prolly in my top 3 of the night, but i kinda wish he played his guitar. jason without the strings is kinda awkward.

quickie review: mariah carey's e = mc2. i was afraid from hearing her two new tracks "touch my body" and "migrate" that the album would not be to my liking. how could i doubt mc? it is more of a down tempo album, and one JD track. it's got some poppy ballads which is why i heart her so. i think this will be my summer groove album. live it and love it. mariah haters away.

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Virginia said...

I loved Jason Castro's rendition- it was great! David's performance was awful on a total Kafka-esque level. I started laughing halfway through. I loved how specific Mariah was with her suggestions- really showed off what a musician's instinct she has. Idol sucks though, it's really unbearable.

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