Friday, April 18, 2008

russia to paris

most odd visa application experience: russian consulate, new york. went to the russian consulate this morning to apply for my russian visa. yup, heading to st. peterburg in june-july. i'll be a little anastasia. anyhoot, i was in line at the consulate and remember left side visas and right side is passports. the passport line never moves. they let a bunch of people in for visas. you pay and all that good stuff. it's ready for pick-up in 6-10 business days. so i'm done and i reach for the door to exit. locked. russian dude next to me says that's not how. not how? huh? i'm trapped. 5 minutes later a guard with a passportee comes by and opens the door to let us out. it was weird and i hope it not as hard to get in and out of russia.

must exhibit to make you feel like maria antoinette: rococo - the continuing curve at cooper hewitt national design museum. the russian consulate is across the street from the cooper hewitt. i love design and all things smithsonian. i wish i had some alumni smithsonian card, so i could get a discount on this visit. anyhoot, it was well worth $15. i really like rococo and it was nice to see the progression into art nouveau. the cooper hewitt looks like some rich person's home turned into a museum.

most coveted piece: a sample book from the multiple choice: from sample to product exhibit. these things remind me of the journals that i attempt to create as scrapbooks.

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