Saturday, April 19, 2008

the prefect getaway: upstate excursion to jordanville and cooperstown

best new york getaway: jordanville, new york in la casa de craig. craig is my awesome friend that has always offered a place upstate to escape the hustle and bustle of new york. my first attempt for turkey day at this abode was thwarted, but luckily jen, jason and saki were up this time around. it was a gorgeous ride up and not too difficult to find the quaint house tucked away in 2,000 acres of land.

craig has impeccable taste and i knew the place would be great and it was. it's nicer than my apartment in brooklyn. no roughing it here. satellite tv, phone and internet. lovely kitchen and wood stove.what i loved most was the w/d. i miss w/d and i did a load once i got in. there are herds of deer, geese, wild turkeys and apparently coyote and a bear, which we never laid eyes on.

unexpected visit: national baseball hall of fame in cooperstown.

the town is just a few minutes away from la casa de craig. though i was a little reluctant to fork over the $16.50, it was worth it, and now i can say i've been the national baseball hall of fame. i even got me a throwback san diego padres cap. saki convinced me to get it and i love the colors (brown and yellow). too bad i saw the same cap for $2 cheaper at a store two blocks away. boo! we end up by the water for a picnic lunch that moved from the grass to the side of a curb because the flies were rampant. we walked down to docks for a dip in the water. ahhhh, refreshing. that's some dawson's creek action!


Melanie said...

wow, lookit those guns!

Melanie said...

ps. i wanna go next time!!!

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