Sunday, April 20, 2008

dia: beacon

best pit stop on our way back to the big apple: dia:beacon. golly, i loved this place and i heard about through my uber awesome friend kristin. it was one of the most spacious museum's i've ever been too. they have an amazing collection of richard serra sculptures that are interactive as you can walk to the center of them. see to your right. these things are HUGE!

the dia: beacon also
has a small collection of works by dan flavin. i heart dan flavin ever since i saw his exhibit in chicago. dia: beacon is associated with the dan flavin art institute. this is going to be my next excursion. the idea of an old firehouse housing works by mr. flavin is intriguing. anyone wanna come take a 2.5-3 train ride with me to bridgehampton? the 2008 season opens may 22!

the current exhibit included sculpture and drawings by sol lewitt. i was a bigger fan of her drawings. something about how the the intricate lines and colors create large pieces of work.

lastly, love the andy warhol shadows collection. i just wanna spin around and let the colors infuse my head into a blurry haze.

proof that our trip upstate was blessed: run in's with pope benedict as we left on friday and returned this evening. 1st avenue was blocked off on our way out of manhanttan via the george washington bridge. lo and behold on our way back on 2nd avenue we just got past the police barricade. we saw a motorcade on our gas stop on 60th and york. i waved. not sure if popey saw me.

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kristin farr said...

thanks for the shout-out, my friend!

if you like richard serra and warhol you must go to BCAM next time you're in LA! check out this thing i wrote about it:


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