Tuesday, April 22, 2008

himym and the hills

best return of a faux character: robin sparkles! ohmigosh, i heard she would be back and the himym writers rehashed the post-80's pop tart. the video for "sandcastles in the sand" (insert air quotes) premiered tonight. ohmigosh, it's classic goodness with cameos from tiffany and alan thicke. lastly, there's james van der beek (aka dawson leary of dawson's creek) as robin's ex.

the episode ends with a shocker of a couple development that i'm kinda okay with.

so bad it's good return of a reality ex: justin bobby on the hills. the hills is a guilty pleasure and justin bobby is the poor man's johnny depp. poor dum dum audrina, looks like she'll be going back behind justin bobby's bike. i can't wait for more justin bobby philosophizing. next week stephen colletti returns into lc's life. feels sooooo laguna beach again.

1 comment:

grace said...

shar - i love robin sparkles! she is my idol (hee hee). thanks for the info/link ^_^
and i concur with you about justin bobby ... hmmm ...

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