Wednesday, April 23, 2008

she & him

most adorable stage presence without a voice: zooey deschanel of she & him. there was much nervousness as the monday show was canceled at hiro due to illness. then, a venue change to accomodate the monday and tuesday shows into webster hall. i was looking forward to seeing zooey and matt at the more intimate hiro ballroom, but i had a decent spot except for the farty gal in front of me. despite the smelliness, zooey was adorable even without a speaking voice. she was pulling the celine dion, but for good reason to save her singing voice. she charmed us with her eyelet dress and smile. she also had signs made to communicate between songs. to the left is a blurry pic mel took of the uber cute one.

best covers: tie! sam cooke's "bring it on home" and m. ward's "magic trick". shar is sucker for a good sam cooke cover. she loves her gospel soul goodness. you have to love a cover of m. ward's tune. it was much welcome like a knight in shining armor coming to his lady in vocal need. i still think something somethung is going on with these two. love sparks maybe. they are a cute couple. the next johnny and june?

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