Friday, April 25, 2008

kate nash

belated concert: kate nash at webster hall. so this was belated because i got shut out of tickets for the bowery show. man, do i wish i got tickets for that. damn, me and my principles for not paying service charges. anyhoot, i finally got to see the brit sensation with saki. FUN! ummm, not so much because the crowd was soooooo annoying. i'm pretty sure these were the kids that saw those clips on mtv or wanted to be there to say they saw kate. argh!

top 3 close to unbareable moments:
1.) picture happy blondes. they were in front of me and taking the same pictures of themselves that i think were going to be their new facebook profile pics. every reaction to a picture was a dramatic bob of their heads, which literally came half an inch from my face. i started to make a fist to brace for the next bob. too bad she didn't knock her head into it.
2.) audience members shouting "london" when kate hit the stage. just yelling "london" repeatedly. i ended up yelling "IRELAND" since she is irish.
3.) audience not getting cues that they are being loud during quiet tunes "nicest thing" and "i hate seagulls" kate had to tell teh audience to quiet down. i actually shhhhhhshhhhhh'ed the crowd prior too.

redeeming factor: kate nash. girl puts on a show. i wasn't really expecting too much, but she certainly delivered a lively show complete with a new punk song with a chorus that chimed "don't have to to suck dick to suck seed." my kinda gal! she was pounding the crap out of her keyboard too. she also was drinking tea between songs. awwww!

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