Sunday, April 27, 2008

geography of bliss

must book to be adopted by book club: geography of bliss by eric weiner. okaaaaay, i totally nominated this book for book club, but i think it's not going to win. :( this is my second plea via personal blog. *nudge mike* *nudge jac* NUDGE! do you feel my virtual plea?!?!??! anyhow, i just started it and it's grrrreat. here is my fav quote so far:

"For me, a place unvisited is like an unrequited love. All dull ache that-try as you might to think it away, to convince yourself that she really wasn't the right country for you-just won't leave you in peace."

now, can this be the book club book? if not, i have in defense of food on my shelf for my next read. ;) can you tell shar is a geeky npr follower?

my geography of bliss: naidre's on this wet sunday morning. i was lazy and bored of eggs and hash brown for breakie, so i headed down to naidre's for a some coffee and chocolate croissant. had my book in hand. lo and behold what tune pops up...bon iver's "flume". swoon in my heart of hearts. they were playing the whole album. bon iver seems to follow me. he love me lots. i once heard "skinny love" in an almost desolate clinton-washington G stop. naidre's provide great tunes and yummers breakfast.


Jacquelyn said...

we're trying to keep it democratic with our survey system! right now, it's a tie between persepolis and the new york trilogy. mike and i DO want to read the geography of bliss though. too bad you're starting with out us :p

sharock said...

my personal book club is better. HA!

Jacquelyn said...

have fun discussing with yourself then. :p

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