Friday, April 4, 2008

words and art

must exhibit for lovers of words and art: lots of things like this. as previously blogged, dave eggers curated this exhibit. it definitely has his sensibilities and humor infused in the selection of pieces. when you enter the exhibit there's a DMV sign and you take a number dispenser. prepare to chuckle. these are some of my favs thanks to photog jac.

this was my fav of the whole exhibit. really sweet composition by the royal art lodge.

this was my second fav. who doesn't love a good use of a coffee ring?

this is me at the end of the exhibit with duchamp, basquiat and crumb. art overload = happy shar!

missing piece for the lots of things like this exhibit: i got this email forward from angelina via miyon. it's some good excel art action.

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