Friday, May 16, 2008

FLTGC: deitch and dactyl

missing in action from fltgc: jac, co-founder of fltgc. it was strange not to have her there, but i inducted 3 new members (david, linda and ryan). we braved the rain and hit up deitch for dubossarsky and vinogradov's the new people are already here. the pieces were huge and there were only three, so breezed through that and took more time with taylor mckimens' soft serve. his style is reminiscent of robert crumb to me.

we continued to the deitch wing on wooster for the substraction exhibit. the highlight was aaron young's tire drawings. ryan seemed to know the most about this and told us about how young had a warehouse where sheets of metal were biked over to create the tire drawings. he also inquired about the pieces and apparently these puppies go for $40k and they were all sold out. that's so money!
best exhibit to stumble upon: yelena yemchuk's notes on fantomas at dactul. this ukranian artist creates pieces that look like pages from a demented fairy tale. dactul has a really nice space with leather couches and dimly lighted.


Jacquelyn said...

FLTGC will have to be suspended next weekend since we will BOTH be absent! i'll try to come up with a good exhibit for our comeback!

sharock said...


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