Thursday, June 12, 2008

adele @ highline

best example of someone born to sing: adele. no joke friends, she IS the real deal. she came out a little jittery crooning "right as rain" but you couldn't tell with that voice on her. she sang everything on her album 19, except for "best for last" because her bass broke in portland or somewhere there. here are some notes i took down last night before i feel asleep to her voice.

- "right as rain" (uber nervous but still sounded amazing)
- "daydreamer" (solo acoustic guitar)
- "cold shoulder" (mark ronson somewhere in the house for this one & shout outs for helping with producing the tune)
- "dreaming of you" (cover of the coral, apologies for coral fans of the OG version but adele loves the tune and only has so many tracks on her album)
- "first love" (her attempt at an interlude)
- "crazy for you" (solo acoustic)
- "tired" (last upbeat tune before the string of ballads)
- "melt your heart to stone" (my fav that made me an adele fan)
- "my same" (ballads continue because she is a self-proclaimed drama queen)
- "make you feel my love" (cover of bob dylan, her fav which she feels kinda weird about since it's a not her's)
- "hometown glory" (about new york)
- "fool that i am" (etta james cover as an encore and a make up for not being able to do "best for last", she's opening for jill scott at the montreux jazz festival where etta will be performing as well.)
- "chasing pavements" (final song)

reason brooklyn rules: previously mentioned artist was shopping for an apartment on bedford. billyburg approve her credit and welcome one of the bestest voices in music today.

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Virginia said...

Ah! I'm so super jealous! I just youtubed Fool That I Am- that is one heavenly slice of musical Kobe beef. I love that she's a chunky girl with a cute face and a smoky voice. Can we chuck Joss Stone in the garbage already?

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