Friday, June 13, 2008

gripe and solace of the day

gripe of the day: $15 baggage charge for checked bags on united. okay, i had just filled out a survey for united for my last trip to the west coast highlighting that a baggage charge would be uber BAD. in fact, i told them that i'm a one bag kinda gal and you would be punishing the already light packers by taking precious space. all these new kids that can't pack will force their bags into my overhead space. arrrrrrgh!

solace of the day: she & him - lillywhite session. oh man, i stumbled on this gem on my daily AM browsing of NPR music. it brought me out of my funk with united. maybe it will do the same if you are having a not so stupendous friday. have a great weekend everyone. she & him will make it so.

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