Sunday, June 15, 2008

renegade craft fair (rcf)

best place to experience cute overload: renegade craft fair at mccarren park pool. with over a 150 booths of crafts and cute prints that have been sewn, silk screened, painted or letter pressed. it was uber fun. the cuteness was worth braving the crazy heat of saturday afternoon. saki and i were some loverily sweaty messes. HOT! (literally)

missing in action: lotta jansdotter. lotta was suppose to be at booth 50, but after we covered the mapped area for booth 50 we realized lotta was a no show. i hope she writes a blog about her mia status at the rcf. she was sorely missed by shar.

drink that we wished was for sale: fizzy lizzy. saki and i were parched beyond belief. we headed to the fizzy lizzy booth for some non-corn syrup goodness. we have this pop at my yoga studio. unfortunately, they didn't have a permit to sell. i wish the nice sample lady would have just slipped us a bottle. instead, saki and i had to pay two bucks for canned soda. blasphemy!

best purchase: $5 mystery bag from brooklyn letterpress. i got a bunch of awesome cards, a coaster with a pig on it and a gift tag. letterpress goodness in a surprise form. i love mystery card bags. i used to get them at wishbone in sf. miss ya wishbone.

best deal: a year subscription to readymade for $5. crazy, i know. an issue is $4.99, so it's basically 6 issues for the price of one. offer only stood at the readymade booth and had to pay then and there.

top 3 fav booths:

3.) the small object
2.) ork posters
1.) domestic construction (for their tea cup hanging lamps)


Melanie said...

oh!! i love the small object! i saw them at the fair last year, but they were sold out of the stamp i liked... did you get anything from them?

sharock said...

nope, i was debating getting a patch

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