Tuesday, June 17, 2008

sigur ros @ moma

wish come true: ticket to poprally's sigur ros gig at moma in conjuction with take your time: olafur eliasson. thanks to the speedy and skilled online magic of one william robert todd IV. hugs to bill!!!! i was distraught last week after saki got shut out of tickets. shar has longed to see the icelandic outfit for years. no one in sf would go to hear esoteric and atmospheric music with moi. so when i found a group of fine folk in ny that loved them like me, shar was psyched. my camera phone sucks, so here is a flickr stream of pics from the gig. thanks to jason for the photo to the right. he has a decent camera phone. "look, we are monochromatic," said mel.

they played a good hour set with encore, and the rumor that they would only play a 20 minute set minus new stuff was partially true. no new stuff, but two discernible tracks from ( ). shar knows her hopelandic.

most missed: saki. the fairest of them all could not be with
us because she had to work. boooo work. why do you not let saki come out and play??? saki, we really missed you and the next time you see me you will get this poster:pre-performance sighting: jón (jónsi) birgisson. totally saw him sporty his signature striped shirt outside of moma giving hugs to someone in the press line. shar, because she is shar, kinda got excited, while mel said i don't know who i'm looking at. i also saw him and the rest of the band as they went downstairs to start their set. i totally waved at them, but i don't think they saw. i just wanted to give jón a hug. the security guards weren't so keen on that.

best post-concert grub: halal guys at 53rd and 6th. man, i tried to get one of these sammies in before the show but the line was 15 people deep. there was still a line at 10:30, but shorter. i had me the chicken sammie. mel and bill got the combo. jason had bites of our's. we all agreed that this street meat was stellar. cheapass does too.

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b said...

Much fun. It was all worth giving up the tix just to see shar bounce around to icelandic rock and roll around in the post concert muck!

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