Tuesday, June 10, 2008


example of karmic goodness: i was on route to my shift at kula. climbing the steps, BAM $22 just lying there. i looked around to see if someone was in the bathroom, but no one in sight. i decided to get me my sigg bottle i've been eyeing since i melted the lid of my nalgene. $$ goes back to kula. ahhh, the cycle of karma.

reason for bad karma: scalpers who are selling the poprally sigur ros tickets for hundreds of dollars. shar HATES you!!!! just wait when you least expect it you will get hit with some major bad mojo.

so instead shar will mend her heart to the tunes of nicole atkins at the socrates sculpture park and hopefully mel will take shar to olafur eliasson soon. pur-teeee puh-lease mel.


Melanie said...

i will certainly take you to the olafur eliasson show - and at the very least, you can borrow my moma card!

sharock said...

thanks mel!

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