Sunday, June 8, 2008

weekend wrap-up

best borders concert: sam phillips. shar loves her some sam phillips and when she found out that she was playing for free at borders columbus circle. she was there and even brought virginia and jenni with. something about her dry, dark humor between songs really charms me. plus, all her songs remind me of lorelai and rory from gilmore girls. sam was a peach during her signing too. genuinely happy to speak to me even though i look really deranged in this pic. photo credit goes to virginia.

must period throwback: governors island for hot jazz weekend. the crew (jac, mel, mike, eric and dean) jumped on the ferry for a lovely saturday on the island. we paired up to learn the charleston. dean and i twisted away. i think we ended up getting the basic and turn down. i was dripping sweat to the tunes of michael arenella and his dreamland orchestra. if you haven't seen them, GO!

i'm excited to go back and bike the island. mike and eric scooped out an art gallery with the huge installations, so i wanna check those out next time too. oh, the kick off for the olafur eliasson's waterfalls is happening on june 26 there too. we saw the structure all set-up. can't wait!

best cool off spot: david byrne's playing the building. heard about this on npr and since it was right next to the governor's island ferry terminal, we popped in to the battery maritime building on our way back. david byrne came up with the idea to hook up an organ to the pipes around this old plumbing building. you can get in line and actually play it, but the queue was long. we just stood around listening to the cacophony of clanging pipes.

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