Friday, June 6, 2008

fltgc: cameron hayes, visionaire and aoife collins

best reunion: jac and shar of friday lunch time gallery crawl. the cofounders were back to crawl together as one with ryan and linda in tow. we hit the ronald feldman gallery for the cameron hayes show. his works have a lot going on and i could prolly stare at them for hours and find new things i hadn't seen before. i really liked "The Incomplete History of Milikapiti" for its fun use of stuffies.

must spot for product design geeks: visionaire. this is like an upscale mcsweeney's. ever wanted your publication to come in a gold LV case or a tiffany box? you can for a $675 annual subscription. the current issue is focused on sound and comes with 5 vinyl records in a portable record player. you know you want it.

best gallery name: location one. simple with possible hints for other galleries to follow. (okay, i was just struggling for a label.) ryan knew the guy working there. not surprised! nick, the galleryist, told us about how they have a residency program at the gallery that fosters mostly international artists. the current show features aoife (pronounced EE-fe) collins. her show includes a huge mix media piece that include a poster for labyrinth amongst other items. in the back room, there are pieces by daniel andersson, which i really enjoyed. postcard sized pieces reworked into mosaics. then, there's tseng yu-chin's eerie images of kids hiding under beds and closets.

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Jacquelyn said...

reunion? lol! it's only been 3 weeks!

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