Friday, June 6, 2008

Game 1 = Celtics

must watch series: nba finals - celtics vs. laker. this rivalry goes back. WAY back. i remember. i'm old. magic vs. bird action in the 80's. i was a lakers fan back then with an admiration for mr. bird. he was classy in his short shorts. there was a good spot that encompassed this, see below:

best candidate to pass the torch to: paul pierce. he is classy and plays the "heart of the team" role for the celtics. he wonked his knee last night and left for a few minutes only to come back to crowd roars. i'm not sure the lakers have a counterpart to magic. i pretty much am a hater of the new lakers. shar misses some magic, kareem, james worthy and a.c green.

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