Saturday, May 31, 2008

art crawl with kristin

coolest guest crawler: kristin aka ponytown. kristin is uber rad and overshadows my love for art tenfold, so she is the bestest guest crawler. here on a very short whirlwind trip, i was able to score some time with the arty greatness that is kristin. we hit up the jeff koon's exhibit on the roof of the met and proceeded to get lost trying to find the superheroes: fashion and fantasy. i don't know why, but the met is like the black hole of all museums to me. last time i was here i passed the japanese tea garden a bazillion times, and this time the grand hall was my nemesis.

from the met, we hit the whitney for the last weekend of the the biennial. we started on the lower level to check out kristin's buddy's installation in conjunction with npr (neighborhood public radio). you can record yourself on fridays from 1-3pm and they will broadcast in san fran and online. i guess there was a hub next door but we missed it, but there's a fun video below. it's kinda buried. you have to view the intro of the biennial, click "more" after the video concludes. it's the third vignette, pass omer fast and lisa sigal. click the >> twice.

then, we went to the top to check out the permanent collection, which opens to works of the late robert rauschenberg. the collection has quite a few edward hoppers and of course whimsical calders. moving down to the biennial, it was nice to see robert bechtle's paintings included. it reminds me of working at the Q in potrero hill. here is a video that gives a good scope of the exhibit.

must eats after crawling: yuka. all you can eat sushi for $18.95!!! it's no fancy schmancy sushi, but you can eat as much as you want and for two starving gals it's the perfect din din after two museums. the waitress pretty much didn't think we could pack it away, but after 4 rounds of orders i think we set her straight. go us!

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