Tuesday, July 29, 2008

margot and the nuclear so and so's @ bowery ballroom

somewhat lackluster show: margot and the nuclear so and so's at bowery ballroom. man, i really hate to label one of my fav bands as being lackluster but it was true. i think it was partly due to the energy of the crowd. lots of talking during quite sweet ballads with richard on acoustic guitar. damn you drunken guys in hats dropping beer everywhere. it was a sold out show, but there was plenty of open floor space. jac left before the encore too. sad, sad!

proof there is indie rock karma: new pal lisa didn't have a ticket to the sold out show, but a record person had an extra. so lisa was able to margot in all their semi-great glory.

most missed track: bookworm. i heart this song lots. they played it the last time i saw them, which was pretty awesome. the crew tried to balance tracks from the forthcoming new album "animals" and the oldies. this was an oldie i very sorely missed.

best pick me up after a lackluster concert: daytrotter session with margot. this stripped down session with richard and emily was just what i needed to soothe the not completely satisfying show last night.

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