Monday, July 28, 2008

return to london

best summer time amble: hampstead heath (aka the heath). i walked buddy (pouch of my former boss) amongst the rolling hills. it had a lovely view of london and visibility of the london eye over the hazy skies. the path to the heath is also pleasant as you walk by cute old house. they just don't make 'em like they used to. walked by george orwell's former abode.

failed attempt at brit celeb sighting: picnic on primrose hill. my coworkers picked the spot and boasted about jude law, sienna miller and the gallagher brothers living in the hood. i soothed the disappointment with marine ices pizza and many pints of london pride and guiness.

hood i wish i had more time in: camden. paul, my fav scouse, took me out to a few of his favorite haunts, lock tavern and the good mixer. we also walked through camden market which was all mostly closed. i would have loved to go back in the day time to see all the hustle and bustle.

must shopping stop: happie likes it. ohmigoodieness, these place is adorable. i found out about it when complimented my brit coworker colleague on her top. this place has a flair of anthropologie with a HUGE japanese cut emphasis. most everything is one size fits all, so bad feelings about things not fitting.

second favorite scotsman: craig mcclean. shar hearts craig. he is second only to a certain james mcavoy, which craig doesn't seem to take offense to. craig and miyon were the absolutely fabulous hosts on my visit to guildford. they patiently waited as i was late an hour arriving to the train station. they took me around town hitting pub (weyman by the water) after pub (great head overlooking the church) after pub (white house with outdoor patio). jenny joined us at white house before we dined at bombay spice. mmmm, indian and the closest thing they have to brick lane in guildford i suppose.

best music venue (guildford): boiler room. they book fairly up and coming bands, some that already are garnering buzz (cage the elephant, glasvegas, satellite state and red light company). was the later two. shar gives props to the boiler room for carrying cafferey's on tap. one of my all time favorite beers that they don't import to the states anymore. :( i haven't had it stateside since 2001 and i made sure to get my fill before i headed back over the atlantic. shar has a beer belly and is NOT fit for any beach attire anytime soon.

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