Friday, July 4, 2008

margot! sonic youth!

most anticipated album: margot and the nuclear so and so's not animal. golly, golly i am so excited i will burst like the fireworks on the fourth. mokb has compiled a good track list with demos. they also posted these gems, which you can listen to here.

Brand New Key (BGM 3_6) - Margot & the Nuclear So & Sos
Jesus Christ Blues (BGM 3_6) - Margot & the Nuclear So & Sos

best activity for my first fourth in new york: sonic youth at battery park with jenni. i had my favorite redhead in tow to see the famed band for my very first time. kim, thurston and lee were in fine form. despite the few drops of rain, it was wonderful weather and lovely to park our bums on the grass for this unique treat.
oh man, i always thought thurston was a cutie, but seeing him live just sent me over the top. he even is adorable on the simpson's. sigh! he has the most awesome wifey though. kim forgot the words to "drunken butterfly" and decided to fall into thurston's arms. awwww! he told her to sing the last verse twice since that's all she knew.

here is a setlist i found on the wfmu blog:

she is not alone
bull in the heather
silver rocket
skip tracer
the sprawl
world looks red
cross the breeze
hey joni
jams run free
the wonder/hyperstation
drunken butterfly
making the nature scene
pink steam


Melanie said...

nice song selection, but did you know they automatically play when your page loads up? not conducive to sneaky blog-reading at the workplace!

sharock said...

that's why you use headphones. i will try to deactivate, but it's about to be archived.

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