Saturday, July 5, 2008

williams wimbledon

best wimbledon women's final this century: serena versus venus. it was nice to get up at 9am instead of 6am to see the wimbledon women's final - one of the good things about moving to new york. in the pre-match commentary they were saying how both have matured and hopefully they would finally play the best tennis on the same day. venus TOTALLY showed up. she hadn't for all the other finals and it was nice to FINALLY see the sisters really duke it out. i'm uber glad venus won since i've always preferred her classic long line form to the crazy bully tennis serena plays.

most desired outfit: venus's eleven dress. i really loved the neckline on this dress. i hope i can get it at my local steve and barry's before it might shut down. i really wanna go out and strike a few balls. i miss my wilson prostaff 7.0, the racket endorsed by none other than steffi graf.

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