Thursday, August 7, 2008

headlights @ tobacco warehouse

must much anticipated show: headlights at tobacco warehouse in the empire-fulton state park section of the brooklyn bridge park. the fine folks of union hall organized the line-up and one of the acts i've been dying to see came out form champaign, il. hip hip for headlights! shar has been loving bands from the midwest as of late. i think the midwest is the new scandie invasion. lots of pensive, sweet tunes are coming out of here (bon iver, the owls, margot and the nuclear so and so's, pomegranates).

my love of for headlights started here. i was really drawn to "some stopping, some racing" and erin's vocals. nothing special but something about the simpleness of it all that made me really melancholy in a good way. so when i saw her finally last night i was a ball of glee. the sound was pretty terrible, but the stage presence made up for it. tristan called up two little girls to enlist some backup dancing goodness. i swear nick was going to knock down one of these gals, but the pro that he is, managed to dodge the jumpin' and twirlin' girlies. much tambourine was had.

best after concert treat: chocolate chocolate chunk at brooklyn ice cream factory. $3.50 is pricey for a scooop but oh so delicious while admiring the view of the bk bridge and one of olafur eliasson's waterfalls on the lovely night. dessert before dinner. jac made a garlicky fennel, artichoke and carrot salad. mmmm!

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