Wednesday, August 27, 2008

long island: north fork wine tasting

best weekday getaway: north fork of long island. ester was in town so young and i brought her to long island for the closet thing we could get to napa. it was a gorgeous day to hit the road and wind up to the wineries. who would have thunk long island a producer of vintages. we had gone to tj's for cheese, fruit, hummus, and bread to picnic.

we started of at laurel lake vineyards to start. let's just say it got better from there. the wine was
mediocre and honestly the bottle we bought to compliment lunch was easily forgotten.

#2 winery was lenz, which was fancy wine that was meh. we were pretty much there for 15 minutes for a quickie tasting. would we find a hot spot for wino heaven. tbd and on to the next winery.

on the third, we hit a sheeshy fa fa bedell. bottles started around $40. these wines were better than the last two wineries, but way over what we wanted to pay. it was a beautiful space with vaulted ceiling. it was definitely the most modern winery. we didn't bother getting a bottle here and look for one last spot.

the last winery was the best by far - peconic bay winery. the wines
were reasonably priced and delicious. they had magnums of the house white for $12. we didn't get that since young had to drive back, but it was quite tempting. we did get the muscat. it was so refreshing and perfect. the staff was super friendly without being pushy. the picnic area was the best part. with cushioned patio furniture and umbrellas because you know shar isn't a huge fan of tans. it was a perfect day and despite the limited high quality wine the company more than made up for it.

p.s. the best wine i'm loving is a portuguese white wine that's $3.99 at tj's. i've bought 5 bottles so far and it's been a hit every party i've been too. you won't be sorry.

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