Monday, September 1, 2008

bicycle brilliance

belated biking: shangra-li unveiling. i bought a fuji bike over two months ago, and finally took it out on loverily labor day. it's an old cruiser in the hue of purple. sexy, no? my first mini ride was to clinton hill, which required me to navigate atlantic avenue. let's just say i felt like i was going to get run over easily. man, i wish there were bike lanes. i really do heart biking. i used to bike all over copenhagen when i was a wee exchange student. copenhagen ruled though with their huge ass bike lanes and massive amounts of bikers that always made me feel safe in numbers. not so stateside, but i'll brave the streets alone until the bicycle fun club (aka mike, eric and i) team up to shred the streets of nyc.

most looking foward to: nfl kick off - thursday, september 4. are you ready for some football? shar is, um, always ready. in fact, this is me a week ago during my lunch break. oh look what i encountered?
so shar loves her some pigskin action. anyone interested in seeing brett favre in all his ny jets glory? even though favre bumped my QB crush chad pennington from his role with the jets, i can't help but see the ol' cheesehead in action before he really retires.

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