Wednesday, September 3, 2008

new roomie, temp digs

best new roomie: wiki. shar hearts dogs and wiki is one of her favs. so when young and kenneth had to go away for a show, i jumped at the chance to dogsit. i miss walking dogs at the sf spca and this was so much better. just look at that face. pretty much 24/7 with this cutie pie. she's the sweetest thing ever.

flashback to childhood: chinatown. i grew up in sf's chinatown from k-8. it's been something that's shaped my life and probably one of the most unique experience a gal could have. i went here although the original campus on stockton and clay is now a grocery store. darn you 1993 quake. so this morning when i embarked through ny's chinatown to work, it was like old times. walking through chinatown in the wee hours of the morning totally reminded me of trekking to school. same fish vendors stocking from trucks. delicious sweet pastries baked to perfection. it brought me back to a simpler time when all i cared about was playing chinese jump rope and homework. i was a nerd, but a happy nerd.


grace said...

shar! there really is something about nostalgia ... i was down in SD last weekend, and i was filled with memories of just a few years ago. and this time, i enjoyed being there ^_^ how are you?

sharock said...

grace!!! i'm good. i miss me some snail mail and news about you.

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