Friday, September 26, 2008

bell @ sound fix

most likely to grow up to be bjork: olga bell of bell. her crooning, loops and synthes are so close to bjork's that if you closed your eyes you'd swear it's her. i discovered her via stereogum back in late march. i missed her at the delancey then, so i didn't wanna miss another opportunity. surprisingly, the show at sound fix started fairly on time, quarter after 8. of all the shows i've been to at sound fix, this was the most mellow. they tend to be crowded and start an hour late.

in any case, bell had a good crowd. she opened with claps to "echinacea" and went into a 5 song set. i believe she was hoping the AV would work out for some pretty visuals, but sadly sound fix lounge lady could not make it happen. it twas okay because olga charmed us with her lush haunting melodies. she did not play bjork's "it's oh so quiet". my pal dermot told me that bjork actually covered it from betty hutton's "blow a fuse". the original is uber cute. play below.

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